Gorgeous samples of Kleeftaal in the wild

Bathroom Bejewelled

A local church requested Kleeftaal to brighten up the ladies’ bathroom with fun, colourful and girly patterns. At times, a hairdryer was used to warm the wall up before and after application. This ensures that the Kleeftaal sticks firmly to the wall. Don’t apply Kleeftaal on wet and rainy days, or on cold and wet walls.

Physio Booth

Kleeftaal assisted with beautifying a temporary physio partition at a local gym. We first
painted a primer onto the raw chipboard, followed by a good paint, and then Kleeftaal. This
is an inexpensive, fun and decorative way to cover partitioning.

Funky Crossfit Gym

Here Kleeftaal was used not only for words of encouragement, but also for branding. It is a
quick, easy and very cost-effective way to put up company signage.

Dining Room Art

After a client had removed a carpet in her dining room, she asked for Kleeftaal’s help to
creatively change the floor space. We chose the Lord’s Prayer and highlighted “give this day
our daily bread” as focus point, as it was appropriate for the area.

Creative Office Décor

Here we decided to decorate the floor area of a design studio as the wall space was limited.
With creative wording in a ‘stamp’ design, we turned a previously boring corner into
something eye-catching.

Décorating the gym

Here is an example of how Kleeftaal makes use of words of the same font, in different
colours, to decorate a previously plain wall. Words of encouragement and motivation were
used, suiting the gym theme.