Fun with wall decor

Our peel-and-stick wall decor is an easy, fun way to transform a boring space into a focal point or conversation piece.Our vinyl transfer stickers can be applied to any smooth, clean surface such as walls, windows, mirrors and electrical appliances. It is perfect for unique wall art decor. Contact us to PERSONALIZE your own Kleeftaal. PLEASE NOTE: NO CREDIT CARD FACILITIES AVAILABLE AT OUR SHOWROOM OR AT THE MARKET. ONLY CASH, SNAPPSCAN OR EFT’s

Wall Stickers


A. 60cm x 110cm


B. 30cm x 120cm


B. 60cm x 60cm


C. 60cm x 40cm


D. 40cm x 30cm


How To´s

1. Clean surface

  1. Be sure that the surface you are applying the Kleeftaal to is smooth, dry and free of dust and dirt.
  2. Kleeftaal can be applied to walls, wood, glass, concrete, metal or any smooth, dry surface.
  3. Kleeftaal is removable but can not be repositioned or reused.
  4. DO NOT apply on freshly painted walls wait at least 2 weeks after painting.
  5. DO NOT apply on cold rainy/wet days, as the vinyl will not stick to the wall.

2. Prepare Kleeftaal

  1. Lay each Kleeftaal on a flat surface, graphic side up.
  2. Remove any air bubbles by rubbing.
  3. Cut your design into smaller pieces to make sticking more manageable.
  4. Arrange Kleeftaal on your surface using masking tape
  5. DO NOT remove the white backing paper until you are happy with your layout.

3. Apply Kleeftaal

  1. Lift transfer tape and vinyl decal away from the paper backing, make sure that decal sticks to transfer tape.
  2. Place your Kleeftaal against the surface you want to apply it to and rub with your hand slowly across the decal – then harder with hand or credit card.
  3. Once air bubbles have been removed carefully pull off the transfer tape making sure that the decal is sticking to your surface and not the transfer tape.

4. Remove Kleeftaal

  1. Peel it off your surface or if the decal is having some problems you can use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive to allow the decal to come off your surface easier.
  2. If some glue still remains on the wall you can remove it with soap and water or a product called Rubbit Vinyl glue Remover

Please Note

  • Please DO NOT apply on cold rainy days.
  • Postage: R40 (1-3 stickers) anywhere in South Africa  *Due to the Post Office strikes allow for 1-2 weeks delivery. Courier option available at extra costs.
  • Personalize OPTION A: Personalize your Kleeftaal at an additional cost of R50. We then retain the right to reproduce the artwork for commercial use.
    Personalize OPTION B: Personalize your Kleeftaal at an additional cost of R125. The artwork remains your property and will not be reproduced for commercial use.
  • Warning: Kleeftaal is not responsible for any damage caused by applying or removing a decal from any surface. Apply Kleeftaal at your own risk.
  • Chocking Hazard: Keep out of reach of children. Children may be able to peel small pieces of vinyl off the wall. Do not hang in areas where small children are able to reach. Not for children under 4 years.

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